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The UK’s Biggest Gaming Festival returns for its 54th outing, providing a weekend-long celebration of Insomnia Gaming Festival 300x150 i54   Insomnia Gaming Festivalgaming.

Taking place at our new home in Coventry at the Ricoh Arena, the Insomnia Gaming Festival is actioned packed with plenty to do for gamers of all ages. You can watch live tournaments and shows on the Main Stage, play games from all areas of the gaming spectrum, win prizes in free play tournaments on both console and PC, meet Minecraft stars, attend Panel Talks with special guests, and check out the latest products and merchandise in our thriving Exhibition.

Established over 16 years ago, the Insomnia Gaming Festival is a great way for gamers to experience the hobby they love, in a way they might not have experienced it before.  So whether you are a novice or a expert gamer, there really is something for everyone.

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Panic attacks and insomniaare appalling to have to deal with. Many people want to remedy them and continue income their Anxiety and Insomnia Treating Anxiety and Insomnia in the Natural Waylives. Some people turn to traditional medicines for a treatment for anxiety, but many more people are turning to the holistic approaches for relief. Doctors prescribe medications that can be very expensive. If you don’t have a large budget, or want to save money you may want to try the natural way first. There are so many herbs and holistic approaches to alleviate your symptoms. Natural remedies for panic or anxiety attacks can be bought at your local food shop, or many sites online.

There are also other natural methods to try, if you are seeking relief, such as meditation and exercise. To cool insomnia and prevent panic attacks, people have turned to natural remedies for centuries. Before the medications were made that are prescribed today, people used the natural remedies. China and India are the two top countries that have always used alternative remedies, throughout these centuries with fantastic outcomes. Lavender, St. John’s Wort, Lemon balm and Passion flower are just a few herbs people find effective to treat anxiety and/or panic attacks. These herbs if combined accurately in certain ways will often have positive outcomes. Relaxation techniques, talk therapy, and meditation by the side of with these different natural herbs make the results even better  . Lavender is a herb that people use in their skin care to aromatherapy. It’s known for it’s ability to cool your nerves and sooth you. Inhaling the pure essential oil of lavender is what you will do to delight in lavender’s benefits. St. John’s Wort is a herb that has been thoroughly researched. It’s one of the herbs known for lifting one’s mood, and has a proven track record for treating depression and insomnia.

Nature’s prozac is another name for St. John’s Wort that many people use when referring to the herb. This herb has been found as effective as many of the antidepressants used today without all the added side effects. The Mediterranean area started using lemon balm, and is now worldwide. It is known to help with any digestive problems, lower blood pressure, and treat your nervous system. This is a fantastic herb to use to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Passion flower helps with people who can’t sleep. It’s got a downer effect to it, so it is fantastic to cool nervousness, which will help your anxiety and panic. Passion flower is readily unfilled anywhere. When you combine these herbs with talk therapy you can most times really cure your anxiety and panic attacks. Meditation and exercising are some other excellent things to do to relieve these problems. Meditation centers the mind, while exercising burns off the frustration you are feeling. As you can see there are many natural treatments for anxiety and Panic attacks. We have touched on just a few in this article. There are many more herbs that you can research into.

Make sure to go to an experience herbalist to get advice though. If you do not have one locally there are many excellent places online to find out information.


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I decided to search the web for the world record of the longest sleep, and have only come up with 14 and a half days, set by Randy Gardiner in 1965. 300x289 Longest sleep ever world recordRandy Gardiner in 1965. But considering only 1 person wrote 2 sentences about him on the entire WWW– and the second sentence doesn’t even make sense to me– I’m not sure how reliable that information is. In related news, the world’s longest hypnotic sleep is 8 continuous days, set by Peter Powers, who also holds the world record as the fastest hypnotist.

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CPAP machines and masks  Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is the leading therapy for sleep apnea . Patients

CPAP machines and masks Device that aid your sleep and combat snoring

CPAP machines and masks

wear a face or nasal mask during sleep. The mask, connected to a pump, provides a positive flow of air into the nasal passages in order to keep the airway open. Most insurance companies now pay for sleep testing and for CPAP treatment. It is also useful for individuals who have tried all other treatments for their snoring but without success. A variety of fixed pressure and automatic CPAP machines are available from us.

Fight Noise with Noise According to the National Sleep Foundation, noises at levels as low as 40 decibels or as high as 70 decibels can keep us awake. That means that a dripping faucet can steal your sleep as much as your neighbor’s blaring stereo. Sound conditioners are proven to promote sleep by muffling distractions with constant white noise, which sounds like rushing water or gusty winds. The Sleep Infuser masks sounds but also emits a series of low pulsing hums, which the inventors say coax the brain into sleep.

Good Night LED light bulb  Artificial light exposure between dusk and the time we go to bed suppresses the release of the Good Night LED light bulb 228x300 Device that aid your sleep and combat snoringsleep-promoting hormone melatonin, enhances alertness, and disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm — making it more difficult to fall asleep. The Good Night LED light bulb, originally developed for NASA astronauts on the International Space Station, lets melatonin do its thing by using half of the blue light in normal bulbs

Re-Timer glasses  These Re-Timer glasses provide light therapy using small LEDs to regulate your circadian rhythm and help you sleep better. Change your sleep pattern to suit your lifestyle. Re-Timer gives you the freedom to fall asleep and wake Re Timer glasses 300x169 Device that aid your sleep and combat snoringup when you choose.

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You should know that your diet will have fantastic shape on your weight, as well as your health. But, one thing you may not Diet And Sleep 300x166 Important Relationship Between Diet And Sleepknow is that some food may help aid your sleep.

Of course there are also food that may make your more hard to fall asleep. As a result, you should be very care what you eat. In most cases, fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables can help you to sleep. In fact, other foods such as whole grain breads may also aid your sleep. In this article, we will discuss different foods which may aid you sleep. Of course we will also talk about foods you should avoid if you want to have a excellent sleep. One of the most common things you can do in order to aid your sleep is to have some milk before you sleep. I believe most people will know this. But, you may not know why milk can help you to sleep. It is because milk can help you to have the hormone to control your sleep. In fact, milk is not the only thing you can take.

You may also consider take some honey or egg whites. They are also excellent to help you to sleep. On the contrary, you should never drink coke or coffee before sleeping. It is because coffee and coke are loaded with caffeine and this will make you more hard to fall asleep. As a matter of fact, other things such as tea and cocoa are also rich in caffeine content. As a result, you should avoid having them before going to bed. The time you eat will also affect your sleep. As a rule of thumb, it is better for you to have your last meal at least four hours before you sleep. You should never eat too much in your last meal. You will feel extremely uncomfortable if you eat too much. If it is possible, you should never have a heavy supper. And you should also have it early in the evening.

There are some minerals which can aid your sleep. For example, cheese is loaded with calcium and calcium can aim your sleep. Magnesium is another mineral that can help you to have a better sleep. There are also vitamins which may help. You can take food rich in vitamins B6 and B12. Examples of such foods are liver, meat, fish and soybeans.

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Will Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity Work?  Currently, gastric bypass surgery for obesity is among the most common Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity Work 300x187 Gastric Bypass Surgery For Obesity can Affect Your Sleeptreatments in treating obesity. Together with other procedures, overweight people are now deciding on surgery as the most beneficial choice to lose weight given that the vast majority of situations do not have any results in physical exercise, diet plan, and medications.

Although some drugs can briefly deal with the overweight affiliated conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, the health associated risk it produces is still there because the individual is too heavy. That Is why an excess weight reduction is recommended, to completely bring back the excellent health condition.  The Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity methods The gastric bypass surgery for obesity treatments are a group of any matching surgical procedures wherein it first splits the stomach into two portions, the small top sack and the lower large sack or what they call the remnant stomach. After creating the sack, it then re -arranges the small intestine so each of those pouches will remain connected to it. With a lot of past experiences, some surgeons have already made a number of ways on how to reconnect the small intestine. Thus, those techniques used in reconnection had produce several unique gastric bypass procedure names. There is simply one purpose for all gastric bypass surgery for obese people, and that is exactly reduction in the functional amount of the stomach to create speedy weight loss. There’s been a fast increasing amount of number of individuals who have previously been through gastric bypass surgery for obesity is documented in the statistics.

Some presented nice outcomes while others are not satisfied due to post operation problems. To provide us a good and transparent viewpoint about gastric bypass surgery for obesity, a list of advantages and disadvantages will be shown so you can consider whether or not the surgery is perfect for you.

The Benefits of a Gastric Bypass Surgery for Obesity . . .

o The procedure can help out somebody who is exceedingly obese to shed weight rather quickly o Desired bodyweight is kept for a long period of time

o Health diseases associated with obesity can be cured or enhanced like diabetes mellitus type 2, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure

o Lessen dependence on medicines for these morbid obesity linked health conditions o Avoid consistent hospitalization and saves funds over time o You can also enjoy a more energetic, vibrant and longer life Negatives . . .

o You should take nutritional supplements throughout your life

o Needs routine examining to check you do not develop any nutritional deficiencies

o Most of the nutritional deficiencies bring on serious health issues to the patient o A controlled intake of vitamin B -12 and iron may lead to anemia

o The lack of calcium intake will cause brittle bones and metabolic bone sickness

o In rare cases of gastric bypass surgery for obesity, a defieicency of appropriate nutritional value in some cases trigger neurological conditions and can affect sleep and cause insomnia.  As you decide to come up with a substantial transformation in your life and select the direction to wellness, whatever treatment method will that be make sure you measure the good and bad points very carefully. If you pick gastric bypass surgery for obesity be sure that you talk about everything first with your physician to equip you for the surgery day.

If you had an gastric bypass surgery that did not go the way you planned it, due to medical negligence. No one should get treated badly when undergoing treatment by medical staff.

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Emergency health problems and disasters may arise any place in the world at any time; this disturbs human strength, infrastructure and the lives of people around those affected. Emergency health problems cover a vast range of ailments; it could be severe chest pain, critical brain haemorrhage, inability to breathe, paralysis etc. Are you prepared for these emergencies? Everyone’s duty is to prepare for such sudden complications because you never know what is going to happen with your health.

The number of people suffering with weight related illnesses has increased drastically over the past century due to the changeEmergency sleep health problems Emergency sleep health problems   Methods to overcome Them in the way society works. Many people don’t have children due to weight problems, therefore it’s important to take care of our physical, emotional and psychological health. Following are the key factors for taking care of your health and methods to overcome emergency health issues.  Diet plays a significant role in your health.

Don’t eat too much oily food because it contains high fat and cholesterol, always make sure that your diet is in control and it should be selective. Eat at the right time and try to reduce particularly salty and sugary food. Eat food which contains proteins and nutrients.

-Try to wake up as early as possible in the morning to give your body a decent workout. Go for a morning walk which helps you to get your D-vitamin exposure with the aid of sunlight.

-Manage your stress. Excessive stress may lead to increased levels of Cortisol which lowers your immunity and increases your cholesterol in body fluid and makes you ill. -Have a good sleep, 8 hours is recommended. New cells are reproduced during this time and also you will get relief and feel cheerier for the next day.

-Laugh as much as you can it reduces your blood pressure and your stress levels come down -You can have supplements as long as you follow the guidelines

-Avoid unnecessary medicine which may lead to side effects and pull down your immune system Apart from these tips get insured for your health because you never know what unexpectedly attacks the human body and you should prepare for it mentally as well as physically.

By getting a health insurance plan you will have financial assistance from the organizations when you suddenly get sick or for any other emergency health problems. You can also use  Payday loans for any of your medical needs. Suppose you have an accident and you are short of money for your treatment or you need to pay a certain amount for your gym membership then you can request a pay day loan. All these have to be planned before under the guidance regulations.  Author Bio : The guest post was contributed by Alicia, financial guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs

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Lice, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, mites, triatoma, and babesia are some of the parasites that suck human blood. Organisms that feed from another, often bigger, organism are called parasites. Humans and animals can be infected by parasites. There are some of the parasites such as  Babesia , that make their domicile inside the host’s body whereas most of the other parasites reside outside the body of the host, may be in the skin or hair of the host and affects sleep. Host’s blood or tissues are the place where the parasites may thrive.

It is important to know which parasites feed on human blood to avoid infection.

1.Lice Lice are among the most common parasites that can infest people.Such creatures are able to live during the whole of their life, on human’s blood. Lice do not have wings and have only six legs unlike many other insects. Generally the infest lives on a human’s scalp however they can also be found in other parts of the body like the eyelashes and even in the pubic area.

2.Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are flying parasitic insects that live off warm-blooded organisms by drawing their blood. A mosquito is usually thought of as a nuisance. Mosquitoes have a mouth uniquely designed to pierce the skin of their victims. After piercing the skin, they inject their saliva, which acts as an anti-coagulant, and then start drawing blood. Tropical diseases such as the dengue hemorrhagic fever and the West Nile Virus are considered to be transmitted by certain types of mosquitoes.

3.Fleas Fleas are flat insects that are commonly reddish brown in color. They can jump to about one foot high which is more than 100 times the height of their bodies. Household pets like dogs and cats are usually their home but they can infest humans.

4.Bed bugs Bed bugs are tiny, brown-colored insects known to infest old mattresses, linens and other cool and dark areas. These insects are active at night and generally suck blood from their victims at dawn.

5.Ticks Ticks meld to the skin on their victims The pincers are then injected into the skin of the host and they will gorge themselves on the blood of the host. After they have their fill of nourishment, they will detach from the host. Infections and most of the grave ailments such as Lyme disease are transported by the ticks.

6.Mites Mites are known to burrow deep into the hair follicles found on the skin of humans. Acne is caused by a similar source Though mites can affect anybody, the elderly are the ones who bear the brunt of them.

7.Triatoma Predatory insects from the Reduviidae family include the blood-sucking organisms triatoma. Triatoma are also called kissing bugs because they usually bite the lips of humans as they sleep. They are also known to bite the soft tissues of the eyes. Certain triatoma species have been found out to transmit a fatal disease called the Chagas disease.

8.Babesia Babesiosis is a condition caused by a the Babesia parasite found in blood. Symptoms similar to malaria crop up in infected humans. Often times malaria is the diagnosis when in reality the illness is Babesiosis.  Parasite knowledge will help protect you from these creatures.

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When the sun shines most people notice that their mood is reinforced. Scientists have found the automatic physiological reaction in our brains and bodies, such as endorphins are released when we are bathed in sunlight; endorphins, which are beneficial to a factor of well-being.

A friend commented the other day, is that if they do not see a blue sky for a few days it feels really low. As she says, not even the weather being tooYour Sleep How the Weather Affects Your Sleep, Psyche and Emotions hot, they just have to see the brightness of blue sky. I agree. I like the brightness. Most people prefer to see a bright landscape, like a dull and gloomy a contradiction. Your mood is strongly influenced by the environment, it is a fact inevitable and unavoidable. This is not just the sun that affects the mind and sense of wellbeing. May affect other aspects of the weather, too. Remember Aesop’s fable has had on competition, which was the wind and sun on the traveler who wears a coat of the road along the way.

The wind was blowing harder and the traveler wrapped his cloak tighter around her body. The sun came out very quickly and the traveler took off his coat. As the wind is right for you? Some people like the wind, others do not. Personally, I find that the wind irritates me, I like the feeling of being pushed around (to putt, especially when I try and still want to stay and gently stroke the ball along the line of code). If it is windy I feel as if they beat me, he disturbs the peace and tranquility, and in some ways disturbing my rest.

Sunny According to a study byE. Howarthand MS Hoffman made, sunny weather induces a feeling of happiness, well being and good health. Temperature increase was found in this relationship with a lift in mood. Sunny weather has reduced the feeling of fear and skepticism. The positive effects of sunlight on human emotions can be attributed to an inhibitory neuro-chemical called. Serotonin controls the emotions associated with memory problems, depression and insomnia.

The increased concentration of serotonin, which in sunny weather, a positive influence on your mind.  Humidity The moisture has deleterious effects on human emotions like love and strength. Humidity makes your body and mind slow and hampered your desire to do something. Furthermore, it is also influencing the concentration and make you drowsy.  Darkness Ever wondered why you are sleepy when you turn off the lights or draw blinds you feel? A chemical called melatonin is responsible. Melatonin is synthesized from serotonin, in the absence of sunlight. Melatonin induces sleep at night.  Winter Winter days are made with less sun and extreme cold. The dull, dreary winter has the same effect as the dark night of the human mind.

The concentration of serotonin drop and you start to feel sluggish. Production of serotonin in the winter is only half of the summer. In some people, winter brings on the annual change in mood Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD identified. Symptoms of SAD surface remain until late fall and during the winter months.  Rain People react differently to rain. While some people may enjoy a very active, perhaps some other completely depressed and overwhelmed by the rain. However, nobody likes boring, rainy days, marked by persistent rain.

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Lap band Surgery is one of the minimally invasive weight loss surgery procedure. In this surgery an adjustable silicon band is placed around the top of the stomach. It is also known as laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, in this the lap band creates smaller pouch that is helpful to restrict the amount of food that can be eaten. Along with this it also has smaller opening of stomach that slows the movement of food to help the patient to feel full sooner. In this a tube connects the band to access port that is placed beneath the skin with this surgeon can easily make the adjustments to the band by simply adding or removing saline. Lap Band Surgery surgery is not for everyone it is for those who want to have who is struggling with chronic obesity from many years. Candidate of lap band surgery must have BMI of 40 or higher; morbidly obese or BMI of at least 35 with obesity co-morbidities or 100 pounds overweight if male and 80 pounds overweight if female. Definitely there is more benefits of this surgery as it is significantly used for weight loss and reduction in obesity co-morbidities. After this surgery you will experience improved health as many health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep problems. high cholesterol and sleep apnea are either cured or significantly improved. You will observe that the health improves and you will feel better and will be more active, your money that were earlier spend on health problems that were related to obesity and will increase your life span  As compared to other types of weight loss surgery, lap band surgery is safe, adjustable, reversible, and quick recovery, shorter hospital stay. There is also no cutting, rerouting or stapling of the stomach or intestines. On the whole lap band surgery restricts food intake by controlling the hunger and creating the feeling of fullness. It goal is to make patient eat less and thus lose weight.