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A nightmare is a very stressful dream which usually forces at least partial arousing. Nightmares are often a creation of our fears. You will tend not to have nightmares if you rid yourself of fears. So find out what your fears are, and try to defeat them. Nightmares, but, can also be an ahead of schedule symptom that a disease is developing or that an attack is about to occur.

What Causes Nightmares?

There are many possibilities. Some nightmares can be caused by drugs or medications or by rapid withdrawalnightmare1 What Causes Nightmares and How to Stop Nightmares? from them, or by physical conditions such as illness and fever. The nightmares of ahead of schedule childhood likely reflect the struggle to learn to deal with normal childhood fears and problems. Many people experience nightmares after they have suffered a distressing event, such as surgery, the loss of a loved one, an assault or a severe accident. The nightmares of combat veterans fall into this category. The make pleased of these nightmares is typically directly related to the distressing event and the nightmares often occur over and over. Other people experience nightmares when they are undergoing stress in their waking lives, such as problem or change on the job or with a loved one, moving, pregnancy, financial concerns, etc. Irrevocably, some people experience frequent nightmares that seem unrelated to their waking lives. These people tend to be more creative, sensitive, trusting and emotional than average. Whenever you have a nightmare you should try to visualize a different ending on the dream. By doing this you may experience that it is a dream and we all know that dreams aren’t perilous.

Common Causes of Nightmares:

– nervousness or stress are the most common produce: a major life event precedes the onset of nightmares in 60% of cases

– illness with a fever

– death of a loved one (bereavement)

– adverse reaction to or side effect of a drug

– recent withdrawal from a drug such as sleeping pills

– effect of alcohol or excessive alcohol consumption

– abrupt alcohol withdrawal

– breathing disorder in sleep (sleep apnea)

– sleep disorders (narcolepsy, sleep terror disorder)

How to Stop Nightmares?nightmare2 What Causes Nightmares and How to Stop Nightmares?

-You can try to look for a pastor to pray for you.
-You can try sleeping drug temporarily.
-Try to relax.
-Dodge too much stress.
-Keep your thoughts healthy.
-Dodge watching scary movies
-Is your conscience apparent?
-Exercise so that you may sleep better.
-Do you have history of child abuse? If yes, you may like to look for a counsellor.
-Listen to soothing music.

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    I am student i live in hostel and I awake whole night from my supporter snoring very loudly.
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    i keep having night terrors. Any tips?

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