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Winx is a sleep therapy system which is an alternative for CPAP and is viewed as most helpful for sleep apnea. It is unique in its treatment form as it uses a simple tubing, mouthpiece and small console. It is applied on the tongue with a gentle vacuum by sucking the tissues forward as a way of relieving upper airway which causes sleep apnea. The winx sleep therapy system has certain benefits and drawbacks as in other treatments.

Benefits and drawbacks of winx

Since this mechanism has not been introduced globally but only in select cities in the USA, it is rather difficult to determine its popularity and effectiveness. However, there are certainly some benefits attributed to this treatment as there are drawbacks. Here are 5 such benefits and drawbacks attached to it.

1. Minimal and customized mechanism

The mouthpiece used for the mouth is soft and flexible and is customized for each person. Unlike the CPAP mask there is no cumbersome headgear as it connects with a slim, long tube to the console. Once the mouthpiece is fixed to the console the machine gentle generates vacuum to the mouthpiece. The drawback here is the need to empty the canister which is deposited with saliva while in use. This is because the mechanism sucks up the saliva during the process of treatment.

2. Less harmful for health

It is an attractive option as it does not have major compliance issues as in CPAP and requires no bulky contraption. It does not develop any skin rashes or sores due to pressure of the mechanism. However, this is not for everyone but for adult use only since it requires you to breathe through the nose for more safety. This may not be possible for many people or children.

3. Keeps a track on treatment process

While using this mechanism there is no pressurized air generally associated with problems of dryness, leaks and nasal congestion. It also helps to prevent claustrophobia and tracks data usage to guide during treatment. It may not be the most effective treatment for central sleep apnea although it does bring in some short term relief.


4. Comfortable during sleep

The tube is not only light but allows no impediment for movements during sleep. A person can change positions unconsciously without disturbing the tube attached to the console. This treatment is however only for people with mild to moderate sleep apnea and does not do much for those with severe sleep apnea.

5. Easy to travel with

This unobtrusive treatment mechanism is not only light but portable and can be used during travels. However, if you already have other health issues like gum disease, loose teeth and lung disease then the winx is not recommended. While purchasing this device, your physician or sleep specialist can provide the specifics for you. They will also determine whether the winx is suitable for you.

You can check out for more information from the manufacturer, Apnicure if you wish to avail this treatment. Since it has not been widely introduced you can check with your doctor and find out more information. If you are given this treatment then you need to follow it thoroughly to make the therapy effective.

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