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If there’s a full moon, you are more worried, hard to sleep well? If you answered yes, you are not alone. But it is not true.
Despite popular belief, long argued that the full moon interferes with a good night sleep, Austrian scientists have shown that sleep is not affected by the phases of the moon.In fact, had only 8 percent of respondents sleep while it was a full moon, compared with 25 percent who sleep with a particularly well on the night of the full moon reported. Good night, moon.

Every morning when she woke up, wrote to participants in a newspaper an assessment of sleepfull-moon-sleep last night, including sleep quality and duration of sleep. They were also equipped with motion sensors so the researchers regardless of whether their sleep was restless, or quiet measure could.

With all these many links on the moon, it is not surprising that when the moon is full, some suffer from insomnia, others are suffering from strange dreams and nightmares and sleep walking.

The jury deliberated on the effects of the moon on sleep, even if, as some babies and adults, for whatever reason to sleep better when the moon is full, even if it falls on a cradle or a bed by a shop opened.
Full moon or not, it is important to get the right amount of sleep per night. If you lack of sleep – you are at a higher risk of heart attack – and even. In a separate study, doctors at Brigham and Women’s found Hospital in Boston, that women who have an imbalance of sleep – that is, sleep five hours or less per night, nine or more – are at greater risk of contracting heart disease than those who The eight hours of night sleep. Why? You are not safe, especially for those who sleep too much. Reuters reported that although the study involved 121 700 nurses that began in 1976, the results probably apply to men.

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  1. February 15, 2011 @ 3:58 pm

    I disagree with the comment that most people’s sleep isn’t affected by the full moon, I and many others I know have this problem every month, prior to and during the full moon cycle. Walk in the shoes and you will only know then!

    Posted by Lorraine

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