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Bunk beds are very flexible and necessary when you have 2 or more kids in the bedroom, or your teenage children’s frequently ask their friends to stay. Shared spaces can be fun spaces.. Bunk beds are trendy small bedroom decorating ideas because it offer more convenience and save space.

In this post we’ll show you many popular and inspirational pictures for bedroom with bunk beds that every teenage kid would be very happy to live in. Test these cool ideas below to find your favorite one. Colorful or monochromatic, themed rooms or varied use bedrooms, all can benefit from the achievement of an awesome bunk bed that can accommodate your children in a stylish, lighthearted or intriguing ambiance.



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Create a dream room for your child with comfortable bunk bed with slide. The kid’s bunk bed with slide is very popular. The slide brings abundantComfortable Bunk Beds with Slide fun and “action” to the children’s room.

Bunk beds come in a variety of sizes, usually to suit children but also to accommodate full sized adults. Many new bunk beds come with mattresses supplied, but often these need to be purchased separately or replaced.

In order to accommodate each occupant in a comfortable manner, it’s good to provide two to two-and-a-half feet of space between each bunk.

Each bed its measurements set out in the features section. Measure your available space, than compare the figures to see if it would fit without cramping the room. You wouldn’t want to order one of those elaborate structures with steps or a ton of storage or something of a similar nature, and then have nowhere to put it.

Types of bunk bed:

-Standard Bunk Beds:  This is a universal type of bunk bed, which has two bunks placed over each other, and provides mattress to sleep. Kids usually use this type of bed.

-Twin over full bunk bed: This bunk bed is similar to normal beds but provides a full sized bunk in the bottom and a twin bunk bed on the top.

-Futon bunk bed: This is similar to standard bunk bed but has an additional facility of western type couch, which when converted becomes a spacious bed at the bottom. This futon bunk bed is suitable for flats with minimum space or studio apartments. The bottom of this bed provides space for two persons to sleep and in daytime converts to a couch.

-L-shape bunk bed: The bottom of this L-shaped bunk bed placed in a right angle to the top bunk and looks like an L shape when you see from the top. The L-shaped bunk bed provides space for desk, chair or suitable furniture under the top bunk.

-Loft bed: loft bunk beds, which are designed with a space underneath the top bunk that can be used to place other sorts of furniture such as a desk or dresser. The large space underneath can be turned into a workplace with a desktop computer or it can be an ideal place for your smaller children to play with their toys.

-Triple loft bed: In this model, two numbers of standard beds are affixed to a loft bed, which allows three persons to enjoy their night sleep. The loft bed placed at right angle to the two standard bunk beds. The appearance of this model is L shaped.

-Triple loft bed + Cougan: This model provides four bunks each on top of the other.




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From piles of straw to Tutankhamun’s gold bed, people have always slept on something. Back in the day it was nests of dirt filled with pests and subject to the cold of the earth. In caves we slept on pelts still flecked with blood. Or huddled round a fire while the bugs scuttled in our cocoons of fur.

Then people started to raise their nest off the floor, presumably to avoid the insects that skittered through their sleep, and to get some distance between the cold floor and their warmer bodies. This technique still prevails today: when you go camping, the first thing you get taught is to raise your body away from the ground, which is insanely cold once the sun goes down.

Scottish nobles used stone beds with comfortable mattresses on top (well, comfortable for their times, probably just sacks of straw or fleece)as much as 5,000 years ago. The Ancient Egyptians constructed ornate beds so high that they had to be ascended using steps – and would be hung around with rich cloths and fabrics.

Romans slept on beds, using mattresses filled with wool or feathers or hay or some other organic substance. Those Roman beds had bedsteads, sometimes footboards too and were blessed with counterpanes of rich silks.

In Pompeii, you can see beds set into niches, which look as if they are hidden with curtains or by a sliding partition arrangement.

The Romans had a number of different types of beds, all with different purposes. Some of those purposes trickled down into later English use – including the “table bed”, which is the origin of the two phrases “take the rough with the smooth” and “turning the tables”.

The table bed was, in Roman times, a bed on which you ate. In other words you lay on it and stuffed your face, after the fashion so revered by Cecil B DeMille and his ancient epic-making cohorts in the early days of colour movies. In Britain, the table bed became an actual table, as you or I would know it today, on which guests slept at night. The smooth side of the table was for sleeping on; the rough, for eating. It is said that the owner of the house, when he or she had had enough of his or her visiting relatives, would pointedly turn the table over to the rough side one morning. This was a sign for the visitor to go – hence “the tables have turned”.

To “take the rough with the smooth”, then, meant that you could stand to sleep on the rough side of the table. So when your poor host pointedly flipped the board of fare (incidentally this is also where the phrase “bed and board” comes from) – if you could take the rough with the smooth you’d be inoculated to their ire and would stay on regardless!

And now, of course, we’ve got memory foam mattresses and designer bedsteads. All from a group of cave dwellers snuffling around in the dirt. I wonder if they took the rough with the smooth.

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Practically every parent goes through the conundrum of getting a child out of mom and dad’s bed and into their own. While you do not want your young one to feel isolated, everyone in the house needs a good night’s sleep. Many parents find these two goals to be impossible to accomplish simultaneously. Feelings of guilt and frustration coursing through your stomach and brain late at night certainly do not help in finding a solution.

But you can solve the problem. You can get your child use to sleeping in her room. The key is consistency and patience. Without executing those two fundamentals, chances of success become nil.

Below are some tips for getting your child to sleep in their own room:

* Make sure it’s the time is right. Would you adopt a new puppy and expect to crate train her in a few days, then go on vacation or come home with a new baby? Your answer is likely, no, you wouldn’t. Start your new routine when you have at least a few weeks to get your child familiar with the new routine.

* Get rid of excuses. Okay, so you can’t possibly plan for every contingency. What you can do is limit the possibilities. Have your child take a potty-break before bed. Give him a sip of water. Make sure there is enough warm bedding in the winter and fans on during the summer. If your child has monsters living under the bed or in the closet, “kill” them nightly.

In addition, make sure the room is conducive to sleeping. If your child likes the glow of a night light, turn one on. If your child likes stuffed animals to surround her while sleeping, don’t deprive her.

* Be strong. This is the hardest part of getting your child to sleep in his own room. Children coming into your room at 3 am want to be engaged. Don’t speak to them if unnecessary. Instead, simply pick him up and quietly place him in his bed. Repeat as many times as necessary. Speaking to your child or cuddling will only reinforce the behavior.

* Be positive. You will get frustrated. You will be tired. You need to stay positive. Staying positive means reinforcing good behavior. Give your child a sticker for staying in bed each morning. Let them tuck-in their favorite stuffed animal and/or imaginary friend. You child has active imagination, play to it. Allowing your child a sense of autonomy will do wonders.

* Do not feed their defiance. Laying down with your child should be avoided. If you do, only lay for a few moments. Don’t give into whining. You had to ignore it when they were much younger. Now is not the time to make a U-turn.

* Establish a nighttime routine. Parents reading this might say, “Thank you Captain Obvious!” But it is crucial to have a routine. Children learn through structure. A memorable nightly routine will help your child adjust to sleeping alone. Keep it simple. Get a bath, go potty, read a book and say prayers. End it with a kiss goodnight. Each part of the routine should further sooth and relax your child.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to get your child to sleep in their own room. But with a bit of common sense and a lot of consistency, you can achieve wonders.

Even though sleep disorders are fairly common things, it doesn’t stop them from being extremely frustrating if you suffer from one.

If the beds around your home aren’t right, you’re even more likely to struggle to get a good night’s sleep, so that’s something which is important to bear in mind. Everyone is looking for different things in a bed, so it’s vital to look around and do your research before actually buying a new bed.

As well as finding new double beds for your home, there are some basic tips you can follow to ensure you get a decent night’s kip. According to the Sleep Council, you should be trying to keep regular hours – going to bed and getting up at around the same time, so you fall into a good routine. You also need to ensure your bedroom is a restful place, as well – it should be as dark as possible and free from distractions. In the run-up to your bedtime, try to reduce the number of stimulants such as caffeine that you consume. Go for herbal teas instead, if you enjoy those.

Try to do something to relax before you head to bed. You could listen to some music or have a bath, as this could help your body wind down a bit before you try to nod off. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder out there and one of the best ways to overcome it is by being mindful of your sleeping habits and learning to relax more before you go to bed. Tablets really should be a last resort, if you’ve exhausted all other channels. Read The Full Story…

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Many people spend more time with the selection of living room furniture or dining room furniture, because they spend the bedroom furniture selection. The reason perhaps they are the living room and dining room, are viewed by visitors expected. The fact that she is not aware that you get all day by the quality of sleep each night, they may be affected. For children and adults, is the bedroom of her personal space. There should be a place designed for relaxation.


The beds are generally subject to a bedroom. Everyone wants an attractive and comfortable beds in the bedroom. The size beds for comfort for those who use it. If two people are a bed and furniture, beds and furniture must be large enough for two people to move comfortably have enough room. Of course, you also have to consider how the size of the beds of traffic flow in the affected area. Each side of the bed should be easily accessible. The choice of beds may mean that you have the number of parts that you are limited in the equipment room. The height of the beds is also a factor to consider when choosing a bed.

The real components beds play an important role in comfort. You must be a considerable amount of time the choice of mattresses and bedroom furniture. The firmness of the mattress can determine how you sleep at night and how your body feels rested in the morning. Memory foam mattresses are often an ideal choice for beds and a dining room, two people to share it. The mattress that contours of each individual body shape and temperature, a popular choice as a mattress. The thickness of the mattress is a factor to consider when buying bedding sets. Read The Full Story…

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Hello, how do you feel today? If you are pregnant and someone asks you this question then you are likely to reply with a long list of the niggles which are troubling you: my back aches, my legs ache, I have indigestion, I can’t eat my favourite foods and probably the biggest problem of all – I am tired all the time.

Looking after yourself properly is important for everyone, but never more so than when you are pregnant and your body is being taken over by the process of creating a new life. Getting proper rest and enough sleep is vital in order to stay healthy and cope with the stress a pregnancy can put on you, but unfortunately various problems can occur which keep you awake or wake you up during the night.

Bedroom furniture is a key feature to get right in order to help: a comfortable bed and mattress are the place to start, and a convenient bedside table to house useful aids such as a drink, CD player or your favourite book. Fresh air and exercise during the day may help you to sleep more deeply too so try and get out and about every day. Keeping calm and not panicking about lack of sleep is also important – if you are at home during the day then try and top up with an afternoon nap if the previous night was disturbed.

Bensons have a great range of pillows and duvets to ensure maximum comfort so make sure you have adequate bedding to support you and your bump properly – many women find lying sideways with a pillow between their knees the ideal position. Keep the bedroom well ventilated too and not overly warm as you are probably generating quite a lot of heat yourself. Unfortunately, sleeplessness can often go hand in hand with pregnancy but try to remain philosophical – at least it is good training for when the little one arrives!

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People spend so much time in the bedroom in a lifetime that it is a very good investment to buy a high quality mattress. Some people may disagree but then again, some people like to sleep on the floor too!  Wouldn’t you prefer a nice comfortable mattress?

About 1/3 of a persons life is spent sleeping in bed. A mattress is definitely a good investment. Organic mattresses currently promote health and well being as well. The main benefit are the natural ingredients of the mattress.

The natural ingredients used in the organic mattress are some combination of organic wool, organic cotton and organic latex. There are two types of organic mattresses: innerspring and rubber. Both types will be naturally fire resistent because of the natural ingredients.

Not only are mattresses ecofriendly, they are also very beneficial to a person’s health. Many chemicals in traditional mattresses used to make it fire retardent may give off invisible fumes. These fumes are really harmful to humans and can cause long term problems. Read The Full Story…

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Loft desk beds are furniture pieces commonly used in tight rooms such as dorm rooms or little apartments. It features a loft bed, which is a mattress on a frame set high above the ground so a desk can be fit underneath it. The desk is frequently an included part of the loft desk beds, though in several cases, the desk and the bed may be two separate pieces. A ladder is usually part of the structure to allow a user to climb into and out of the bed.


-The primary advantage of these loft beds is they contain an extra space that can be used in many ways.  Bunk and loft beds are ideal for smallLoft desk beds spaces. They are considered great space-savers because they can be easily placed in your children’s bedroom. In addition, many kids love the idea of having this type of bed because it gives them more room to move and play around.


– Another important benefit of loft bed is that you can enliven the look of the room just by changing the covers. The best bet would be to use washable slipcovers in bright colors and easy to wash fabrics, such as cotton-polyester mix.


– Third, as long as you buy a quality bunk bed, you will have no trouble selling it at a later date if you decide your child is ready for something else.


So, another important benefit of loft bed is that you can enliven the look of the room just by changing the covers. The best bet would be to use washable slipcovers in bright colors and easy to wash fabrics, such as cotton-polyester mix.

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The bedroom is the most important room in any house. After all, this is the place where one does the most important thing to be done by them- take rest! If a person is not able to take the proper amount of rest in comfortable settings, they will not be able to work properly the following day and feel tired as long as they are not able to get the proper amount of sleep.

Bedroom takes one-third of a person’s life:

This may come as a surprise to many, but the bedroom is a place where a person spends almost, if not more, one-third of their entire lifetime. If a person sleeps for at least eight hours a day, which is the least number of hours that a person must sleep, they are spending one-third of their day in their bedroom, and subsequently one-third of their entire life! Therefore, the bedroom needs to be such a place where one can spend that much time happily.

What are the key elements for bedroom decoration?

Well, for many, this is a very tricky question because a bedroom requires a lot of stuffs, but it also needs to have a large number of empty spaces for proper movement. Hence, a person should always avoid keeping stuffs in their bedroom that they do not really need. For example, a closet, a bed, and a dressing table are all that is utterly necessary in the bedroom. Any extra furniture pieces should be kept elsewhere, and bedroom spaces must never be compromised because of them.

Lighting is a very important factor.

Well, lighting and other electrical fittings are the most important elements that are needed to make the bedroom fit for sleeping at night. If the lighting fixtures have been done brilliantly and the colors of the lights are done properly, it will provide the sleeper with a peaceful environment to sleep in.

The color of the room should be light:

The color of the bedroom is another key factor because light and bright colors help a person to relax more while dark colors have negative effects on the nervous and sensory systems of the sleeper. Therefore, people should prefer light colors for their master bedrooms and also choose the lightings accordingly.

Memorabilia in the bedroom help to lighten the mood:

Items that remind a person of the happy times of their past are great things for the bedroom as these items help a person to take a walk down the memory lane and relive the happier times. This also helps them to forget the worries of the present day and sleep tight during the night.

The style of the bedroom should not be based on architectural settings:

Architectural settings look brilliant for all the other rooms of a house, but the bedroom should be as simple and beautiful as possible. This helps to get the mind to relax more. Architectural settings excite the mind, but simple settings do the opposite and relax the mind, the exact thing that is required for a bedroom.

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