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Between 20 to 40 percent of adults snore. It is a problem if you are disturbing yourself or your sleep partner. Snoring stops sleep patterns, which can cause to sleep deficit. The effects of sleep deficit can include low energy, foggy thinking and daytime sleepiness. The absence of oxygen flowing to the brain that occurs when someone snores can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke.

To find the cure for the problem of snoring, there are many stop snoring devices. Most of them are specific to the problem so before the use of any stop snoring device, it is always a good idea to understand the reasons behind snoring.

The Noiselezz mouthpiece Noiselezz is a non-intrusive mouthpiece that holds the lower jaw slightly forward of its normal position during sleep, thus opening the airway in the throat and eliminating the vibration that causes snoring.

SomnoGuard stops snoring and reduces nocturnal respiratory arrests, and thereby improves the quality ofSomnoGuard sleep. The oral appliance worn at night is made from thermoflexible copolymers. It can be directly moulded in the mouth after being heated in boiling water. It’s main effect is the advancement of the lower jaw, thereby opening the upper airway. Fitting is quite simple, does not require any special tools, and can be completed within a few minutes.

Nozovent is Europe’s leading anti-snoring product. Nozovent simply fits in the nostrils and is made fromNozovent “springy” flexible plastic. When placed in the narrowest part of the soft section of the nasal channels, Nozovent widens the nostrils so that airflow is increased through the nose. This means the soft palate does not vibrate as easily. As a result, breathing is easier and less energy is needed to breathe so that snoring, sleep apnoea and nocturnal asthma is significantly reduced or stopped.

Chin-up Strip Chin-up Strip This is applied on the lower part of the chin that keeps the jaw from dropping down. With this technique, constant free flow of air can be ensured through the nose rather than the mouth thus reducing loud snoring.

Anti snoring acupressure ring. It is based on the principle of applying pressure to the meridian linesAnti snoring acupressure ring which flow through the body.

Stop snoring devices and equipment are vital tools in the treatment of this condition, as with any medical condition however it is essential that the correct medical advice is sort prior to any treatment.

Used correctly and under the right medical supervision the equipment generates piece of mind and helps the body cope with the condition.

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  1. October 15, 2010 @ 2:46 am

    good site , I suffer from sleep apnea and walk around like a zombie most of the day .

    Posted by victor petrie

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