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Watch out for the following lyme disease symptoms to prevent it to worsen: erythema migrans, pyrexia or hyperthermia, body malaise, lumps, migrating pain, facial paralysis, intense headache, interrupted sleep, numbness and tingling sensation, cognitive impairment, and genitourinary affectation.

Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis, is an emerging and infectious disease.lyme-disease This is caused by ticks belonging to the genus Borrelia. Lyme disease can damage different body systems and it can also show a range of symptoms. Watch out for these symptoms.

Erythema migrans

The first symptom that will show on a carrier of Lyme disease is the erythema migrans. It is the redness of the skin in the shape of a circular rash. This looks like a bull’s eye because of the alternating layers of white and red circles. This is located on where the tick has bitten you. This normally shows up a week or two after the painless tick bite but it can appear in a range of 3 to 30 days. Typically, erythema migrans start to spread to other areas in the body.

Pyrexia or hyperthermia

Pyrexia or hyperthermia is the medical term for fever. Fever first indicates the infection of Lyme disease. Fever occurs when the immune system is trying to combat the disease or illness.

Body malaise

Body malaise is one of the first symptoms that show in many illnesses. This is the sensation of discomfort and uneasiness. You are generally are out-of-sorts and in the state of being unwell.


Lumps indicate that the disease has spread to other body sections. It can show in the earlobes, scrotum or nipple.

Migrating pain

Migrating pain can sometimes be confused with arthritis especially when the pain is on the joints. This is characterized by pain on the muscles since the disease has widely spread.

Facial paralysis

The progression of the disease results to facial paralysis. This is described as the lack or loss of muscle movement on either or both sides of the face. This is the involvement of animate nerve organs that is present in the face. Though this symptom depends on where the victim was bit, it is still something to notice.

Intense headache

Severe headache happens when the infection has reached the area of the brain. This is typically caused by meningitis that developed beside Lyme disease in its progression.

Interrupted sleep

Sleep disturbance is expected due to reasons such as unbearable or disturbing pain and cognitive or mental problems.

Numbness and tingling sensation

Patient may feel numbness on the hands, feet, legs, limbs and especially on the fingers and toes which are the extremities of the human body. The patient may also feel a tingling sensation as if he was slightly electrocuted even though there is no stimulus causing this.

Cognitive impairment

When the infection has spread because of inadequate treatment and especially when there is none at all, the patient’s brain will be badly affected. He may experience memory loss at a lower extent but later on, depression, psychotic turmoil, and other delusions.

Genitourinary affectation

Genitourinary affectation depends on the conditions accompanying it. He patient may have bladder problems and even loss of sexual appetite.

No two victims of Lyme disease have exactly the same symptoms and since the said symptoms also appear on other illnesses, it is a healthy decision to let a doctor check you up.

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