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Aromatherapy treats mind and body together. The scent of the essential oils used can have a powerful effect on the emotions while the oils’ chemistry affects the body. There are many essential oils that can be used to help you relax or make it simpler to get to sleep there are a few that are particularly excellent in fulfilling those needs.

Here is a description of each scent that make you sleep better:

1. Lavender – helps sooth and cool nerves, reduces tension, insomnia, headaches, and depression. Effects of lavender: Kind, Therapeuticaromatherapy1 10 Aromatherapy Scents That Make You Sleep Well

2. Bergamot comes from citrus fruit rind. It does its job by relieving stress and enabling the subject to relax. It has a lovely citrus scent that will make you feel refreshed and give you that sense of well-being. Fascinatingly bergamot is the main ingredient in earl grey tea.

3. Sweet Marjoram – helps treat nervousness, headaches, and insomnia. Effects of Sweet Marjoram : Soothing, Warming

4. Roman Chamomile – help relaxation, reduces excessive nervousness, and treats insomnia

Effects: Soothing, Relaxing

5. Sandalwood – promotes relaxation, beneficial for depression, stress, nervous tension, and insomnia Effects of Sandalwood: Warming, Relaxing

6. Official - has two different types of oil, one green and the other red. It has several advantages one of which is that it is gentle enough that you can use it with children as well as adults. Fascinating the scent is closer to that of a bergamot oil and less like the tangerine it’s expected to smell like. Official oil is a very successful treatment for sleep difficulties nearly rivaling lavender.

7. Clary Sage – helps sooth, relax, and uplift the spirit.

Effects: Warming

8. Jasmine – helps sooth and relax, very beneficial for depression, insomnia, nervous tension, and stressaromatherapy2 10 Aromatherapy Scents That Make You Sleep Well

Effects of Jasmine: Soothing, Relaxing

9. Rosalina would be a mild and effective change for those not fond of Lavender or just tired of it. Rosalina is sometimes called “Lavender Tea Tree.”

10. Sandalwood does to be sure come from wood. To get the right intensity of oil from the trees they must be at least forty years ancient, but the older the better and a tree eighty years ancient will produce better oils. Sandalwood is a kind agent; it relieves nervous tension and helps you relax.

Occasional side-effects of Aromatherapy: essential oils are very concentrated and some produce irritation if applied directly to the skin. They should always be diluted in a vegetable carrier oil previous to being applied to the skin. Contact with the eyes should also be avoided to prevent irritation. Some citrus oils can increase the skin’s sensitivity to light, making it more prone to pigmentation.

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